18:08 / 10.07.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Father and son found; Harbormaster describes rescue operation

Rescue effort ends happily

Rescue effort ends happily

Foto: HTV / HRT

Although the worst was expected, the search for two Germans who disappeared yesterday in the area of the Krk waters - ended happily! A father and his son who, despite a storm, went out from Klenovica for recreational paddle boarding, were found on Krk, confirmed Harbormaster Darko Glažar Croatian Radio Television.

“Fortunately, everything ended well, with a happy ending. Both father and son are in good condition, they are expected to return to Klenovica or Novi Vinodolski soon. They were found about 500 m from the sea,” Klaudija Modrić Plantarić told Croatian Radio Television.

“When we found an undamaged board, it was a good sign that no people were killed because it was not destroyed, so according to the logic of things, we went towards the mainland. The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service was engaged with 17 people and 4 vehicles. They were found approximately 500 meters from the place where they were supposed to land. The closest place is Vrbnik,” said Darko Glažar, describing the search for the father and son.

“Sharp stones are in question on the north side of Krk,” he said and explained that they were washed ashore, “the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service gave them shoes because they were barefoot, they were picked up by a Rijeka Harbormaster’s vessel and taken to Novi Vinodolski where their mother and wife is waiting for them.”

“They are in good psychophysical condition and do not require medical assistance,” he added.

He pointed out that it is a shock for them, the father was born in 1990 and the child in 2013. He thanked everyone who participated in the search.

He told citizens not to go out to sea during strong winds, especially not with a small child. He appealed for people to follow the weather forecast.

Source: HRT

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