16:18 / 13.10.2021.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Epidemiologist says coronavirus vaccine isn’t 100% effective



Foto: Dusko Jaramaz / Emica Elvedji / PIXSELL

According to the National Civil Protection Directorate 2 022 new positive coronavirus test results have been registered in Croatia over the past 24 hours. With 10 218 tests conducted in that period, this puts Croatia's 24 hour test positivity rate at roughly 19.8%.

According to epidemiologist at the Croatian Institute of Public Health, Dr. Iva Pem Novosel, of the 27 coronavirus-related deaths that have been reported since yesterday, seven were vaccinated: “Sadly, barring some exceptions, the people dying in our health care system are predominantly those patients who have numerous co-morbidities and are in critical condition. If the patients are of an advanced age then the effectiveness of the vaccine drops, as the number of antibodies declines over time. Unfortunately, all of this is expected, because we know that the vaccine isn't 100 percent effective.”

Currently there are 9 092 active positive test results in the country, of which 855 are receiving treatment in hospital. 128 patients are on ventilators. Since yesterday 971 people have been given a clean bill of health. Currently there are 17 305 people in self-isolation.

Since the beginning of the outbreak in Croatia, on February 25th of last year, a total of 421 057 positive test results have been registered, of which 403 136 have since been given a clean bill of health. 2 935 176 tests have been conducted, while 8 829 coronavirus-related deaths have been reported.

As of yesterday, health care workers have administered 3 496 972 doses of the vaccine, with 45.8 percent of the total population, or 54.91 percent of the adult population, having received at least one dose of the vaccine. 51.53 percent of the adult population has completed the vaccination process. 6 030 doses of the vaccine were administered yesterday alone. Croatia has also started administering a third dose of the vaccine for those citizens who feel they need the so-called booster shot.

“The third dose is recommended for immunocompromised persons, all senior citizens, meaning over the age of 65, health sector workers, people in special care and retirement homes, and people with chronic illnesses,” Dr. Pem Novosel said.

Source: HRT

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