18:55 / 18.05.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Epidemiological situation in Croatia improving

Illustration (Photo: Z. Lukunic/E. Elvedji / PIXSELL)

Illustration (Photo: Z. Lukunic/E. Elvedji / PIXSELL)

Foto: - / Pixsell

The epidemiological situation in Croatia is still improving. There were 491 new cases of coronavirus infection in Croatia today, from a little more than 8000 tested samples. 27 people have died. 1,566 people are being treated in hospitals, and 166 people are on respirators.

“A fairly big number of people have been vaccinated now, or some have recovered, so that a significant portion of the population is immune to the disease. Concretely, in terms of vaccination, it is around 30% of the adult population,” said Tatjana Nemet Blažić, an epidemiologist from the Institute of Public Health.

Mass vaccinations continued in Zagreb, and the director of the Teaching Institute for Public Health, Zvonimir Šostar, said that he is not satisfied with how the week started. Given the amounts of vaccine they were given, vaccination was only conducted during the afternoon yesterday. 2,200 people received invitations to get vaccinated but only about 800 responded.

“Yesterday we had Moderna, which is a vaccine that is also an RNA messenger, meaning transported Ribonucleic acid, like Pfizer. For Pfizer we have a lot of people, but for Moderna we don't. On Saturday the turnout was somewhat lower, which is truly unclear to me, because it's not identical, but it is a very similar vaccine,” said Šostar.

“Relief on the hospital system and waning of the epidemic is not yet being felt,” said the head nurse at the Zagreb Clinic for Infectious Diseases, Danijela Miše.

“The intensive care unit is still full and our capacities are still full. Unfortunately young people are getting sick,” said Miše.

The situation is the same at the Zagreb Clinical Hospital Centre.

“Already after the first and second wave, after letting up in the public and a drop in the numbers, in hospitals it always takes two or even three weeks longer to feel the drop,” said Ana Ljubas the head Nurse at the Zagreb Clinical Hospital.

From numbers published by counties regarding newly infected people in their areas, the most were in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County with 49 and Sisak-Moslavina County with 29 new people infected with the coronavirus.

Istria had 3 newly infected out of 557 samples tested and, satisfied with the situation, they are gradually planning some events. The head of the County Civil Protection Headquarters, Dino Kozlevac, confirmed that they are planning to hold a book fair in early June, the Vinistra Wine Exhibit should be held in mid-June, the Pula Film Festival will be held in July, and as things stand, the Umag Open tennis tournament will also be held this year.

Source: HRT

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