18:50 / 07.01.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Crowding at PCR test sites in Croatia



Foto: Ivo Cagalj / PIXSELL/Shutterstock

After yesterday's record of more than 9,000 new cases of coronavirus infection, today there was a much smaller number; 3, 911, however half as many people were tested in comparison to yesterday. Unfortunately, 41 more people have died. 1,846 patients are being treated in hospitals, 245 of them are on respirators. The new wave of omicron has quickly revealed the limits of our PCR testing system, which can handle a maximum of 20,000 people per day, who will wait at least a week to receive their results. 

There are big crowds for testing in front of the Croatian Institute of Public Health. Those with an appointment wait up to six days, but the Institute says that everyone will get their turn.

“It is most important to conduct that home test or to go and get a rapid antigen test at a testing station. That is in fact proof that a patient is likely infected, especially if they have developed symptoms. After that they should contact their family doctor who will register this into their file, so that the patient has evidence that they were at one point positive in a rapid antigen test and that they developed symptoms characteristic of Covid,” said Dr. Mirela Marković from the Coordination of Family Medicine.

The assistant director of Zagreb Clinical Hospital Centre Milivoj Novak, commented on the large share of positives among those tested.

“If everyone is positive, in theory, at one moment it becomes senseless. If from 10,000 tests 9,000 are positive, then everyone is infected,” said Novak.

Vaccination without an appointment continues, for which the people of Rijeka showed great interest today. From the early morning hours, lines about a hundred meters long were formed in front of the hall in Zamet, and citizens will also be able to get vaccinated over the weekend. Vaccines from all manufacturers are available, and it is not too late to get vaccinated against influenza and coronavirus at the same time, pointed out the director of the County Institute of Public Health Vladimir Mićović.

“Studies have shown that there is no harmfulness in this and naturally it can be done at the same time, especially for younger and working people, but also others,” said Mićović.

So far, 63.5 percent of the adult population have been vaccinated with at least two doses of vaccine against the coronavirus.

Source: HRT

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