18:29 / 27.06.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Croatian segment of Pan-European Corridor 5c will be completed in 2024

Works on the 5c Corridor

Works on the 5c Corridor

Foto: Davor Javorovic / PIXSELL

5c is one of ten Pan-European transport corridors. Branch C is the third and final leg of the corridor, stretching 679 kilometers.

Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure minister Oleg Butković announced today that the section of the 5c pan-European Corridor, also known as European Route E73, to Beli Manastir will be opened at the end of October this year, and that the Croatian segment of the corridor will be completed in 2024: “After opening the Svilaj Bridge last year, and with the completion of this segment of the highway, which we expect at the end of October of this year, together with the Beli Manastir roundabout, all told this represents an investment of about 570 million Kuna. The works are proceeding very well. Very soon the Croatian Motorways company will issue a tender for the remaining five kilometers, and with that, the entire 88 kilometer stretch of the 5c Corridor through Croatia, should be completed sometime in 2024.”

The 5c corridor, which will connect the Hungarian capital Budapest with the southern Croatian port of Ploče, is expected to play a key role in the economic development of eastern Croatia. For this reason Croatian leaders have been calling on Bosnian leaders to stop delaying the highway’s construction through Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source: HRT

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