20:37 / 05.07.2021.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Croatia’s coronavirus test positivity rate for last 24 hours drops to 0.6%

Cafe in Dubrovnik

Cafe in Dubrovnik

Foto: Grgo Jelavić / PIXSELL

Government still threatening to limit access to coronavirus aid and basic freedoms like going to a shopping mall for those citizens who have not been vaccinated.

Nine new positive coronavirus test results have been registered in Croatia over the past 24 hours, with a test positivity rate of less than 0.6 percent. In spite of the low numbers, officials are still warning that unvaccinated citizens will be blocked from exercising some of their basic rights. Epidemiologist at the Croatian Institute for Public Health, Dr. Dijana Mayer: "We call on all citizens to get vaccinated, not so that they can got to the shopping mall, but to remain healthy and to stop the spread of the virus, that and not shopping is the point. As for what this measure will look like, right now it appears as though the plan is to only allow citizens who have been vaccinated, have recovered from the virus within the past six months, or who have a valid negative test, into shopping malls."

Meanwhile, government ministers today defended government's plan to link vaccination to eligibility for coronavirus aid. Tourism Minister Nikolina Brnjac: "You all heard what the Labour Minister said. The proposal will be presented to our social partners for discussion. But we definitely have to separate those who are responsible from those who are not. We cannot allow those who are responsible to suffer because of those who are not. People who are bringing into question the tourist season and the health of all of us."

"In a country like Croatia, whose GDP is in large part linked to the tourism sector, we will reward those who are acting responsibly," added Economy and Sustainable Development Minister Tomislav Čorić.

Their comments follow a massive negative response to the plan from opposition politicians, employers, unions and many citizens.

Source: HRT

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