16:18 / 12.07.2021.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Croatia’s coronavirus test positivity rate drops to 0.8%



Foto: Srecko Niketic / PIXSELL

Currently there are 511 people with active positive coronavirus test results in the country, of which 107 are receiving treatment in hospital, and eight patients are on ventilators. 4 168 people are in self-isolation.

According to the National Civil Protection Directorate fifteen new positive coronavirus test results have been registered over the past 24 hours, on the basis of 1 707 tests conducted in that period. This puts Croatia's test positivity rate over the past 24 hours at 0.8%. Two coronavirus-related deaths have been reported since yesterday, while 94 people have been given a clean bill of health.

Since the beginning of the outbreak in Croatia, on February 25th of last year a total of 360 841 positive test results have been registered on the basis of 2 193 449 tests conducted in that period. This puts Croatia's overall test positivity rate at slightly less than 16.5%. 352 101 of those positive test results have since been cleared, while a total of 8 229 people are reported to have died due to complications from the coronavirus. This puts the fatality rate for COVID-19 in Croatia at less than 2.3%. The number of coronavirus-related deaths as a percentage of the total population is roughly 0.2%.

As of yesterday, Croatia health care workers have administered 2 817 143 doses of the vaccine, with 1 293 953 people having received both doses of the vaccine, and 258 736 people having received their first injection. Currently 38.3% of the total population has been vaccinated, including 46.2% of the adult population. 2 871 doses of the vaccine were administered yesterday alone.

According to unofficial sources in parliament, serious talks are already underway to push through mandatory vaccination. Apparently a large portion of the opposition on the left of the political spectrum are in favour of passing such a law, which means that government of Prime Minister Andrej Plenković could muster the two-thirds majority needed to pass such a law.

Source: HRT

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