18:42 / 09.12.2020.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Croatia ramps up Covid-19 testing

(Photo: Nel Pavletic/PIXSELL))

(Photo: Nel Pavletic/PIXSELL))

Foto: - / Pixsell

According to the Civil Protection Directorate, 12,596 PCR tests were performed for the coronavirus, resulting in 4,520 new infections in Croatia over the past 24 hours.

Sixty-nine virus-related fatalities have raised the death toll since the beginning of the pandemic to 2,367.

There are now 23,750 active cases in the country; of those, 2,703 are receiving hospital treatment. There are 280 patients on ventilators - 23 more than on Tuesday.

Krunoslav Capak, the director of the Public Health Institute, reiterated that the government would decide on further epidemiological measures when the current ones expire later this month.

"On the 21st, we will re-examine the situation. In case they get worse, of course, we will consider strengthening the measures. In all the measures we adopted about 10 days ago, there is a possibility that we further limit the number of gatherings and economic and social activities," said Capak.

Since February 25, when the first case was confirmed in Croatia; 159,372 people have been infected with the novel coronavirus, while more than 131,000 have achieved a full recovery.

Nearly 60,000 people are currently in self-isolation.

Source: HRT

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