18:23 / 13.02.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Crew of USS Harry S. Truman disembarks in Split

American sailors in Split

American sailors in Split

Foto: HTV / HRT

Ninety fighter jets and helicopters and 333 m of steel; the USS Harry S. Truman nuclear aircraft carrier is one of the symbols and pride of the US Navy. Again after a few years, it has weighed anchor in the channel in front of Split. There are more than 5,000 crew members who have been given the opportunity to go ashore.

There is no street, square or café in Split where English cannot be heard. Americans want to see, taste and feel everything.

“It's such a good feeling to get off the ship after a long voyage and come to a beautiful city that welcomed us with open arms," said Omar.

“This is my first time in Croatia, it is a beautiful city, today I ate good food; we are here to launch an economic “boom,” said Trish.

“They are wonderful young people,” said the owner of a restaurant, aware that caterers also represent their city and country.

“They eat everything we offer them. They ate Slavonian black pork products. And that is nice, we tell them that apart from Dalmatia we also have Slavonia,” said caterer Željko Alfirević.

“Yesterday we were caught unprepared, so we were left without everything, but today we prepared. Basically, we didn’t even know if they were going to let them out, or keep them on board. Luckily they let them on shore and we’re having a mini season,” said caterer Daniel Nikolla.

The Americans came to rest and learn something - they are thrilled by the age of the city, but also by Marko Marulić.

“I learned that he is a great poet, the Croatian Virgil. That is how I will remember the city forever,” said Seth.

Relaxed, open and curious, American sailors definitely woke the city of Split from its winter slumber.

Source: HRT

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