18:36 / 22.05.2021.

Author: Katja Miličić

Covid-19 cases are falling as vaccinations increase

(Photo: Hrvoje Jelavic/PIXSELL)

(Photo: Hrvoje Jelavic/PIXSELL)

Foto: - / Pixsell

Although coronavirus infection numbers in Croatia continue to fall, only 518 new cases were reported on Saturday, Covid-19 deaths still remain high.

Another 27 people have died from the virus in the past 24 hours. Hospitals are treating 1,217 patients, 123 of whom are on ventilators.

Cases are falling in part due to more people getting the vaccine. Now, every third adult in Croatia has received at least one dose. As cases continue to drop, public health authorities are expected to ease restrictions at the beginning of June - when Croatia is expected to also begin issuing the EU's Covid certificates, which aim to allow for free movement within the bloc and to boost tourism in countries that rely on this industry. Prime Minister Andrej Plenković is optimistic about the numbers, but warns moving forward will be a delicate balance.

"We have to make the kinds of decisions that will sustain this positive trend without putting the success of the tourism season at risk," the PM said.

Germany is removing Croatia from its Red List of Covid countries. Croatia is now labeled a moderate-risk country, which means that German travelers returning home will no longer need to quarantine.

"This is a logical move. The numbers are falling, the situation is improving and is becoming more stable every day. The more people get the vaccine, the fewer infections we'll have. People who are assessing the risk of traveling here will appreciate that. We'll be more in the green. This will bring more people to Croatia and things will gradually return to normal," said Plenković.

The government continues to urge people to get vaccinated. Health Minister Vili Beroš has been going around the country administering doses. 

"I am grateful to everyone who came out today to get their dose, to get protected from severe forms of this disease, protection from the pain and suffering of being on a ventilator and all the other things this very serious illness can bring. This is the way out of this crisis. I urge everyone who is still hesitant, to take that step," said Beroš while administering doses of the vaccine in Opatija on Saturday.

Asked when Covid restrictions could be eased, Beroš did not answer directly but said that people should rest assured that measures would be adjusted to the current situation.

Zagreb County planned to administer 11 thousand doses today at nine vaccination locations. Split is vaccinating university students today. The University of Split has around 20 thousand students. The goal is to administer at least 4 thousand doses today. On Friday, Croatia surpassed 1.5 million administered doses. Since the start of the pandemic, Covid-19 has taken the lives of more than 7,800 Croatians.

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