19:47 / 31.01.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Conference held to commemorate one-year anniversary of Miroslav Tuđman’s passing

Miroslav Tuđman

Miroslav Tuđman

Foto: Boris Scitar / PIXSELL

Miroslav Tuđman, the son of the first Croatian President and HDZ founder Franjo Tuđman, was long-time member of Croatian Parliament for the HDZ, author, and security expert. He passed away on January 31st 2021, in Zagreb.

On the anniversary of his passing, a video-conference titled "Miroslav Tuđman and the Paradigm of Science" was held on Monday. Participants noted Tuđman's importance in establishing Croatia's security and intelligence apparatus, his vital role during and after the Homeland War, and his contributions to strengthening relations with neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"The foundations that he laid, which have been further built upon over the years, are important for our national security and the functioning of a modern country, given that technological advancements have exposed state institutions to numerous cyber-attacks," said Prime Minister and HDZ Party President Andrej Plenković.

A board member of the St. George Society, founded by Tuđman, Gordan Akrap: "He founded the Saint George Society as a non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit society of citizens with the goal of encouraging, assisting, developing and promoting research in the area of international, homeland, national and corporate security for the general good of Croatia."

Source: HRT

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