18:56 / 11.10.2021.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Citizens less likely to get much needed checkups due to COVID

MP Selak Raspudić

MP Selak Raspudić


Government's report on the coronavirus is scheduled to be debated in parliament this week. However, the opposition MOST Party, which is critical of the government's handling of the issue, feels that neither the report nor ensuing debate will provide any new insight or relative data points.

MOST MP Marija Selak Raspudić noted on Monday that the public has not been properly informed about the vaccines, but more importantly added that since the coronavirus outbreak in Croatia citizens have been avoiding regular medical checkups: “We are urgently calling for a report on the health of the nation, which all well managed countries have already submitted, as well as a plan for the nation's health recovery. More than 30 percent less citizens are going to preventive checkups than was the case before the coronavirus.”

According to the National Civil Protection Directorate 170 new positive coronavirus test results have been registered in Croatia over the past 24 hours. With 2 854 tests conducted in that period, this puts Croatia's 24 hour test positivity rate at just under 6%, which a dramatic drop from recent days that have seen rates of ten percent and above.

As of Sunday 45.66% of the total population, or 54.75% of the adult population have received at least one dose of the vaccine, while 51.37% of the adult population has completed the vaccination process.

Source: HRT

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