19:33 / 05.08.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Celebrations for Victory, Homeland Thanksgiving and Veterans' Day held throughout the country

Victory Day Parade in Pula

Victory Day Parade in Pula

Foto: Sasa Miljevic / PIXSELL

Victory Day, Homeland Thanksgiving Day, Croatian Veterans' Day, and the 27th anniversary of Operation Storm. Central celebrations were held in Knin, starting with a wreath laying ceremony to honor all those who gave their lives for Croatian independence, and followed by the raising of the flag at the Knin Fortress and the reading out of the names of the 242 killed and two missing soldiers from Operation Storm.

Along with the central celebrations held in Knin, Victory Day, Homeland Thanksgiving Day, Veterans’ Day and the 27th anniversary of Operation Storm were celebrated throughout Croatia. Parades and public gatherings were held in cities and towns throughout the country. However, time was also taken to honor the memory of all those who gave their lives for Croatian independence, with wreath laying and candle lighting ceremonies.

“Time passes, but memories do not fade, the feelings are still very strong. I know that my father is proud that I am here today standing under the Croatian flag,” said Alica Stančin, the daughter of a fallen Croatian veteran. “He is here with us, I know he is. Up above us, looking at me and standing with me,” Stančin added.

In Petrinja celebrations were held with a parade from the city center to the memorial to Colonel Predrag Matanović. In Pula a parade of Croatian veterans from Istra County was held on the streets of the historic city. In Slavonia celebrations were held in Požega, Osijek, Slavonski Brod and Vukovar, among other cities.

Torches in honor of Homeland War veterans were lit on Thursday night at the Trsat Castle in Rijeka, the Krk Bridge connecting the mainland to the Island of Krk, and at the Lučki Bridge in Metković.

In Vukovar it was an especially emotional day, as victory in Operation Storm gave new hope to the exiled citizens of Vukovar that they too would one day return to their homes. This would eventually come to pass, as Croatia successfully implemented the peaceful reintegrated eastern Slavonia and Baranja in 1998.

Source: HRT

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