17:46 / 10.03.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Bozinovic: Military service in Croatia has not been abolished, but frozen

Davor Božinović

Davor Božinović

Foto: HTV / HRT

Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Davor Božinović said that military service in Croatia has not been abolished, but frozen, and that all decisions on the security situation around the war in Ukraine would be communicated within the forums, institutions and organizations of which Croatia is a member.

“Military service has not been abolished, it has been frozen. We pay a high level of attention to security. The budget of the Ministry of Defense has increased from 4.5 billion kuna to 7.2 billion kuna through the purchase of multi-role fighter aircraft, decisions on the integration and purchase of Bradley combat vehicles and a number of projects through the homeland security system,” said Davor Božinović.

Božinović recalled that there is a system voluntary training through which future professional soldiers are recruited and in which reserves that are part of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia are activated. He also emphasized that the security situation was being discussed and that all decisions that would be made in the future would be "communicated".

“Everyone is following everything that is happening in Ukraine. Croatia is a member of NATO and the EU and everything that is done is coordinated within the forums, institutions and organizations of which it is a member,” said Božinović after a meeting of the government's Interdepartmental Working Group for Acceptance and Care of Refugees from Ukraine.

Božinović pointed out that intensified measurements of radioactivity were being carried out, which they regularly report on, but he assessed that there was no danger.

He added that the former Institute for Radiological and Nuclear Safety is integrated into the Ministry of the Interior and that local self-government units are responsible for shelters, according to the 2015 law.

Source: HRT

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