18:49 / 07.02.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Bozinovic: At this moment, the abolition of COVID certificates is not being considered

Davor Božinović

Davor Božinović

Foto: HTV / HRT

Minister of the Interior Davor Božinović said on Monday that the use of COVID certificates would not be abolished for the time being, thus denying the director of the Croatian Institute of Public health, Krunoslav Capak, who announced their possible partial abolition.

“From the beginning, we have introduced limited COVID certificates in Croatia and we are monitoring everything that is happening, but at the moment measures remain, including the use of COVID certificates as it is,” said Davor Božinović after the session of the Croatian Democratic Union Presidency.

Earlier, Krunoslav Capak told reporters that the possibility of partial revocation of COVID certificates is being considered, as they are losing importance due to the emergence of omicron variants of the coronavirus, and since the beginning of the year Croatia has recorded about 40,000 repeated COVID infections.

Božinović said that the situation in our country, in the world and in Europe would continue to be monitored, recalling that in some European countries it is still not possible to enter a café, restaurant or hotel without a COVID certificate, and Germany announced easing before Easter.

“At the moment, we are not in that situation yet,” Božinović pointed out, stating that the incidence in Croatia is still high.

“Let's be realistic, those who are moving towards bigger abolitions have a higher vaccination rate,” said Božinovič, without specifying at what number of newly infected people could the certificates be discontinued.

He recalled that since the introduction of COVID certificates in public and state services, 125,000 infected people have been detected, which slows down the spread of the coronavirus and ensures the functioning of public and state services, so the certificates have shown usefulness.

Božinović also commented on a letter sent to border police on how to deal with migrants, saying it was regarding instructions that take into account vulnerable groups and respect for the law; guidelines at the police station level.

“As for filming and other activities that are not allowed by law in the border area, this should be taken into account,” said the Minister, adding that there is nothing disputable.

Source: HRT

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