17:18 / 25.05.2023.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Bomb left over from 1995 exploded in Zagreb, foreign worker injured

The sight of the explosion in Zagreb

The sight of the explosion in Zagreb

Foto: Neva Zganec / PIXSELL

During work on the roof of a building in the center of Zagreb, on Zrinjevac, an explosion occurred at around 9 a.m. on Thursday, in which a worker was injured and taken to the hospital, confirmed the Zagreb police.

The injured worker is a foreign citizen, and his colleagues were not injured. The doctor from Traumatology told us that the worker has an injury to his hand and is undergoing surgery.

It is known that it is a bomb from 1995, from the time of the Serbian bombing of Zagreb. The workers told us that the explosive device was probably hidden somewhere and that the worker accidentally touched it.

Zagreb Mayor Tomislav Tomašević confirmed on Thursday in connection with the explosion in Zrinjevac that the injured worker is out of danger, and firefighters are checking the roofs of the buildings damaged in the earthquake for possible elements that may fall onto the streets.

“I spoke with the Zagreb Police Department; they will come out with official information. For now, the assumption is that it is an explosive device left over from the Homeland War,” Tomašević told reporters at an exhibition of art works by artists with disabilities.

Tomašević said that the injured worker is in the Traumatology Clinic, and according to initial information, he suffered injuries to his hand and fingers.

The media reports that the leftover "bell", one of the projectiles that are part of the banned cluster bombs, with which Serbian aggressors targeted Zagreb on May 2 and 3, 1995, exploded, but Tomašević did not want to talk about the specific cause of the explosion until the police investigation is over.

The explosion occurred on the roof of the HAZU building in Zrinjevac this morning at around 9 o'clock, when the workers were removing the roof and began removing cardboard under the roof.

The mayor of Zagreb stated that firefighters are checking the roofs of buildings damaged in the earthquake because of dangerous elements that can fall on people's heads.

“These are private buildings and it is the responsibility of the private owners to ensure that something like that does not happen,” he added.

He explained that the firefighters, as a city unit, help by regularly inspecting all roofs and facades every six months and removing dangerous elements.

Source: HRT

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