16:40 / 09.01.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Bjelovar shocked by commemorative plaque unveiled in Serb entity

Barutana Memorial Site

Barutana Memorial Site

Foto: Damir Spehar / PIXSELLq

On September 29th, 1991, former Yugoslav People's Army Major Milan Tepić attempted to flatten the city of Bjelovar, by blowing up the explosives depot in the Barutana Barracks in Bjelovar. He would have succeeded in his goal if Croatian forces had not prevented the explosion from engulfing the entire store of explosives. Eleven of them were killed in the operation to save the city.

Much to the dismay of the citizens of Bjelovar, a memorial plaque honoring Major Tepić was unveiled in Banja Luka today, in the Serb entity of neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bjelovar-Bilogora County Prefect Marko Marušić issued a statement condemning the celebrating of war criminals, noting that the plaque represented a slap in the face and salt on the wounds of all victims of the Serbian aggression against Croatia, especially the people in Bjelovar.

Marušić added that Tepić will always be remembered as a fanatic, a suicide bomber, who killed himself while detonating a warehouse containing 170 tons of explosives, and the person responsible for the tragedy he inflicted on the families of the 11 soldiers from Bjelovar. He went on to say that Tepić was a coward and a criminal, reminding that a street the Serbian capital, Belgrade, has been named after Tepić, indicating a complete lack of understanding of the events in the 1990's, in which Croatia was the victim of Serbian aggression.

Source: HRT

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