22:05 / 01.07.2021.

Author: Katja Miličić

Anti-corruption crackdown continues in Zagreb



Foto: Sanjin Strukić / PIXSELL

Police and special investigators arrested ten more people on Thursday in a major anti-corruption operation that has swept up 18 suspects with ties to the Zagreb’s late mayor, Milan Bandić.

The USKOK anti-corruption agency and police arrested eight businessmen and two city employees on Thursday after taking into custody eight other suspects a day earlier. Those arrested on Wednesday included the chief executive of public broadcaster HRT, Kazimir Bačić.

The probe covers three investigations, all related to city business. Police are investigating Bačić for alleged influence peddling and bribery in connection to another suspect's attempts to get approval for a major real-estate development. The second investigation has to do with alleged bribes of officials in the city’s sanitation department and the third covers bribery and influence peddling in connection to Zagreb’s popular Christmas Market and its lucrative vendor stalls.

The media reported on Thursday that one of those arrested was Zdranko Čabraja, a local official in Milan Bandić's Labour and Solidarity Party.

Zagreb Mayor Tomislav Tomašević confirmed on Wednesday the arrest of two city employees, the former mayor’s Chief of Staff, Andreja Šulentić, former drivers Zdravko Krajina and Vladimir Žaja, and businessman Denis Mohenski, a highly influential figure in matters related to the Christmas Market.

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