18:04 / 22.09.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Aladrović comments on COVID certificates for workers in healthcare and social welfare

Minister Josip Aladrović

Minister Josip Aladrović

Foto: Screenshot / HRT

The Minister of Labor, the Pension System, Family and Social Policy, Josip Aladrović, recently announced for Croatian Television’s prime time news the introduction of COVID certificates in the health care and social welfare system from October 1st. He was asked today of it was true that from that date workers would not be able to come to work without a COVID certificate.

“Everything that the Headquarters adopts, because here we are tied exclusively to the decision of the Civil Protection Headquarters, all decisions must be respected by employers. So, if the Headquarters prescribes that possession of a COVID certificate is necessary in order to access the workplace, all employers, both in the health sector and in the social welfare sector, will be required to do so,” replied Minister Josip Aladrović.

He added that there are labor regulations that define all other options.

“I would not rush into a thesis by which "whoever does not have a COVID certificate, will be fired". We simply cannot say that this is unequivocally correct at this point. It's not. However, the labor and legal regulations that are valid in the Republic of Croatia will be valid for all those employers who will be covered by the decision of the Headquarters,” he said.

Source: HRT

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