19:57 / 09.02.2022.

Author: Katja Miličić

A1 reports data breach affecting some customers

A1 reports "security incident"

A1 reports "security incident"

Foto: Patrik Macek/HRT / Pixsell/Shutterstock

Mobile and internet service provider A1 Hrvatska reported on Wednesday a data breach affecting around 10% of its customers. 

The company said it was hacked and that the data of some customers had been compromised. In a statement, A1 stressed that no credit card data was stolen. They will be contacting all of the customers that have been affected.

“Unfortunately, despite advanced protection measures and the constant raising of the level of security, a security incident occurred related to one of the user databases, which compromised part of the personal data of part A1 of users,” A1 said.

The company said it was working intensively to determine what happened.

"We are working with police in Zagreb to determine the all of the details and we can confirm that the data pertains to names and surnames, identity numbers, and phone numbers. It is important to underscore for our customers that this does not pertain to financial or credit card data," said Dubravka Štefanac Vinovrški.

Croatia’s communications services regulator HAKOM said it would be looking into whether A1 had taken all the necessary steps to protect the personal information of its customers.

"Right now, HAKOM does know if everything was done correctly. It will have to be thoroughly analyzed whether A1 implement all the necessary security measures to protect personal data. Right now, we don’t know any more than what A1 has said publicly," said Vesna Gašpar, the chief specialist at HAKOM’s Communication Services Department.

A1 claims that another incident like this would not be possible. The company also said services were not disrupted due to the breach.

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