18:39 / 15.06.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

96 new cases of coronavirus in Croatia

Coronavirus illustration

Coronavirus illustration

Foto: Zeljko Lukunic / PIXSELL

There were 96 new cases of coronavirus infection in Croatia today and unfortunately eight more people have died. About 370 patients are being treated in hospitals. The good news is that with the decline in the number of coronavirus infections, hospitals are increasingly opening up to other patients as well. However, caution is still needed because the Indian or delta strain of the virus has been confirmed in 11 more Croatian citizens. 

The delta variant, or the Indian strain of coronavirus, was found in three samples from Međimurje County and eight samples from Šibenik-Knin County, and the relevant epidemiological services have been informed. Nevertheless, the epidemiological situation is favorable. Work in smaller hospitals is also normalizing.

“Departments are moving or have already moved back to their locations, protective barriers have been removed and a small portion of the hospital, ten percent, has been left exclusively for Covid needs. We will see how long it will be necessary for it to exist, we will probably leave it for the time being,” said the Director of the Našice hospital Hrvoje Šimić.

“At the clinical hospital centre in Split there are 22 coronavirus patients, of whom four are on respirators,” said the hospital director Julije Meštrović.

“A portion of our hospital will always have to be reserved for treating Covid patients. We will strengthen all of our services as much as possible. We will naturally work afternoons and Saturdays as much as we can,” said Meštrović.

There were nine newly infected patients in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, and 14 Covid positive patients are being treated at the Rijeka Clinical Hospital. The good news is that there are no patients on respirators in that county, and for a 12th day in a row there have been no Covid related deaths.

In order to speed up vaccination, a so-called COVID bus has been on the terrain since yesterday, travelling to smaller settlements. The bus first visited Virovitica-Podravina County, and it stays in each settlement for one hour. People can be vaccinated without an appointment with the Pfizer vaccine.

Meanwhile, in Istria, vaccination with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has started at the Pula Health Center without the need for an appointment and the response was great.

Finally the Agency for Personal Data Protection has determined that there was no loss or deletion of personal data of more than 4,000 citizens on the "Get vaccinated" platform, who registered for vaccination on February 23rd during the trial phase. All requested data can be found in a List of Interested Parties, said the Agency for Personal Data Protection.

Source: HRT

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