18:16 / 13.01.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

9,157 new coronavirus cases in Croatia

The coronavirus

The coronavirus

Foto: Hrvoje Jelavić/Damir Špehar/Nikola Cutuk/ Marcus Brandt / PIXSELL/DPA

There were 9,157 new cases of coronavirus infection in Croatia today, every second person tested was positive. 23 more people have died. There are 1,755 patients in hospitals and 216 of them are on respirators. Some counties have a record number of new infections since the start of the pandemic. The Coordination of Family Physicians continues to condemn the decision to transfer rapid antigen testing to their offices due to increased pressure on PCR testing.

As in the majority of counties the number of patients in hospitals across the coast has increased. Apart from the hospital in Split, the situation has also worsened in the Zadar hospital, warned Minister of Health Vili Beroš. He also pointed out that the epidemiological situation is the result of holiday gatherings without adherence to epidemiological measures.

“In Croatia the fourth and fifth waves are overlapping, it is estimated that in the coming days hospitals will be overburdened in areas with the lowest rates of vaccination. We expect a continued increase in the number of newly infected, in which the weakest among us will be hit the most, and those are unvaccinated people of an older age and people with chronic illnesses.

The daily pace of vaccination is slowing down, warned Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, once again calling on people to get vaccinated.

“In the last seven days we had more than 48,600 cases of infection. This is the highest number for one week in the last two years, in which the epidemic has lasted. This is double the amount of two weeks ago, today the number of deaths in Croatia has crossed the threshold of 13,000 people,” said the Prime Minister.

The Coordination of Family Physicians has condemned the decision to transfer rapid antigen testing to their practices. They say that they have neither the time nor the space for that, and that other patients will be endangered. However, Minister Beroš pointed out that the primary health care network is the only logical choice for this, and that all the necessary decisions on that will be made today.

“I ask you dear Croatians, who a sick person should go to, if not their doctor. I know that they are overburdened. I am announcing reforms, because in these two years of my mandate I saw numerous illogical things in the system that have been generated for decades. It is my intention to correct this, but I also appeal and ask for us to help epidemiologists,” said Beroš.

The Minister concluded that he had asked the Croatian Health Insurance Fund to pay doctors extra for every overtime hour and every test.

Source: HRT

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