16:27 / 22.08.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

373 new coronavirus cases in Croatia

The fight against the coronavirus

The fight against the coronavirus

Foto: Davor Puklavec/Željko Lukunić/Damir Spehar / PIXSELL

There were 373 new cases of coronavirus infection in Croatia today. Unfortunately, three more people have died. The burden on the hospital system is also increasing. There are 275 patients in hospital treatment, and 35 of them are on respirators. In order to be as ready as possible for autumn and winter, but also to extend the current tourist season - authorities are still calling on people to get vaccinated.

In Osijek, citizens could get vaccinated at the Zrinjevac hall today with the first dose without an appointment. Citizens could choose between the Pfizer and Modern vaccines. In Osijek-Baranja County, more than 50% of the population have received the first dose, and about 48% have received both doses. 450 people were vaccinated yesterday, and the turnout was also good today.

“I think it's everyone's personal choice. I think we should get vaccinated because of older people who are a risk group as well as people with chronic illnesses,” said one citizen who came out to get vaccinated.

There is more and more talk about a third dose of the vaccine, and patients at homes for the elderly and disabled should have priority in receiving it.

The delta strain of coronavirus, which is spreading faster, is still dominant in our country. The deputy director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, Ivana Pavić Šimetin, commented on the increase in the number of newly infected people in recent weeks:

“This doesn't really surprise us because we have a lot of tourists on our coast, which is definitely good for Croatia, and it is good that, in comparison to other Mediterranean countries, we are in a much better situation,” said Pavić Šimetin.

Once again, the highest number of newly infected today was in Split-Dalmatia County with 101 people.

Source: HRT

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