16:48 / 17.09.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

31st anniversary of the Battle for Vukovar

31st anniversary of the Battle for Vukovar marked

31st anniversary of the Battle for Vukovar marked

Foto: Dubravka Petric / PIXSELL

Vukovar marked the 31st anniversary of the battle for the city. From today, the National Memorial Hospital bears the name of Doctor Juraj Njavro, and the street next to the hospital bears the name of Doctor Vesna Bosanac. A formal ceremony was held at the Croatian Centre. A parade of wartime flags passed through the city streets started at the 204th brigade Barracks, as well as a display of Croatian Military weapons and equipment, as well as demonstrations of Armed Forces and Police capabilities. 

At the central ceremony, the Prime Minister's envoy, Deputy Prime Minister and Veteran's Minister Tomo Medved, reiterated that it is important to recognize and properly respect the sacrifice and role of Vukovar in the Homeland War.

“Many try to relativize or falsify history. Precisely these anniversaries and everything we do are important in order to preserve the truth about the Homeland War and in order to pass that truth on to our future generations,” said Minister Medved.

The battle for Vukovar is a very cruel historic event said the commander of Vukovar's defence and the 204th brigade, Branko Borković, known as Mladi Jastreb. He called for punishment of crimes committed during the war.

“All of us and all of you in public functions should remember our historic roots and forget what is private. We are doing public jobs. Let's at least be a little bit Croatian,” said Broković.

The parliament speaker's envoy Mirjana Balić said that a hand of reconciliation in the search for missing people must be extended by the other side.

“It is of key importance here to find the final resting place of those who have not been among us since a long time ago. Because only in that manner will we, friends and family, be finally able to move forward, when we know that their souls found their eternal peace,” said Balić.

The central ceremony was also attended by the president's envoy General Siniša Jurković.

The National Memorial Hospital was renamed to the Dr. Juraj Njavro National Memorial Hospital, and after the plaque with the new name of the hospital was uncovered, a ceremony was held to rename the street that now carries the name of Dr. Vesna Bosanac.

“This is a very emotional moment and event in my life, but also in the lives of my children and entire family,” said Dr. Njavro's son Dario.

“I spent a beautiful part of my life with my grandmother and I have the fondest memories of her. She was quite a calm woman and she always wanted to take all problems upon herself, perhaps when she didn't have to,” said Dr. Vesna Bosanac's grandson Hrvoje.

The Croatian flag was raised on the Vukovar water tower, which was hit by 640 projectiles during the war, by Croatian National football team coach, Zlatko Dalić.

Source: HRT

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