18:17 / 26.07.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

27 new coronavirus cases in Croatia

The coronavirus epidemic

The coronavirus epidemic

Foto: Illustration / HRT

There were 27 new cases of coronavirus infection in Croatia in the last 24 hours. The share of people testing positive among those tested was below 1%. Two people died. As of today, stricter epidemiological measures are in force in the Adriatic. 

Stricter epidemiological measures mainly apply to gatherings of a larger number of people: no more than fifty people may be present at public events, unless only those with a COVID certificate participate - in which case the gathering may be with a maximum of one thousand people. Gatherings of all kinds can last until midnight at the latest. At private ceremonies, including weddings, in catering and other facilities there can be a maximum of 15 people without Covid certificates. Sports competitions with spectators can be organized only if everyone has a Covid certificate, and there can be a maximum of a thousand guests in bars.

The National Association of Caterers warned that the rules are not the same for everyone.

“Cafe bars can still not work inside in closed spaces, and those people are not able to conduct business, while a big number of people and the youth gather uncontrolled after midnight, when they finish work, at beaches, along the coast and in public places. We don't think that's alright because there is no epidemiological logic,” said the President of the National Association of Caterers Jelena Tabak.

The new measures are being applied in Zadar County, where there were three new cases of infection today. Caterers in Zadar are also not happy with the measures.

“This has all turned into a schizophrenia in which we and our guests are lost. It's simply impossible to maintain distances between tables. Guests sit down, position themselves and do what they want, perhaps people were isolated for too long and they want to get out,” said the President of the County Guild of Caterers Robert Kovačević .

“For us the number of people has been limited to a thousand. The entire festival will be surrounded by a fence, there will be a big number of security staff, at entrances there will also be controls and checking of Covid certificates and testing will be allowed,” said Šime Perović from the Zadar Sunset Festival.

There were five new cases in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. The director of the County Teaching Institute for Public Health, Vladimir Mićović commented on the new measures, which are valid from today until August 15:

“I am sure that they are not directed at preventing people from socializing and gathering, but rather the opposite, for those gatherings to be within what is possible. Results are encouraging for now,” said Mićović.

Everything can take place in Istria, but under certain conditions, pointed out the head of the County Civil Protection Headquarters Dino Kozlevac.

Everything that can be controlled in a space, concerts, parties or anything that can be controlled with Covid certificates will be able to be held. It will not be possible to hold what I would call, walking parties. If it's not at a precisely defined place, where entrance is controlled, then it cannot be held,” said Kozlevac.

Source: HRT

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