17:55 / 08.08.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

26th anniversary of Homeland War victory marked in Glina

Homeland War victory commemorations in Glina

Homeland War victory commemorations in Glina

Foto: HRT / IMS

On this day 26 years ago, in Gornji Viduševac near Glina, the surrender of the 21st Kordun Corps was signed, which ended the military-police liberation operation Storm. The colonel of the army of the self-proclaimed Republic of Srpska Krajina, Čedo Bulat, saluted General Petar Stipetic and congratulated the Croatian military on its victory. About five thousand soldiers surrendered, with 13 tanks, 15 heavy cannons and many other weapons and equipment.

The victory of the Croatia Armed Forces in the Homeland War and the surrender of the 21st Corps of the enemy were marked by the laying of wreaths in front of the "Tears" memorial to Croatian veterans and civilian victims of the Homeland War in Glina today. A ceremonial program at the tank in Gornji Viduševac was also held.

“The surrender of the 21st corps of the enemy forces, along with the raising of the Croatian flag in Knin, is one of the most striking symbols of operation Storm, and confirmation of the purity of the Croatian Army's victory against enemy forces, a victory against evil that will never again rule in our country,” said Prime Minister Andre Plenković's envoy, Špiro Janović.

“We had many great people in Croatian history. Ban Jelačić was in this area. Stjepan and Antun Radić are the pride of Sisak Moslavina County, they are all great people from Croatian history, but the greatest in Croatian history were the Croatian defenders,” said Sisak-Moslavina County Prefect Ivan Celjak.

Source: HRT

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