18:02 / 20.07.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

146 new coronavirus cases in Croatia

A vaccination centre in Zadar

A vaccination centre in Zadar

Foto: Marko Dimic / PIXSELL

There were 146 new cases of coronavirus infection in Croatia in the past 24 hours and three more people have died. In Zagreb, people can get vaccinated with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine without a previous appointment. Epidemiologist Branko Kolarić warns that the situation is on the verge of a fourth wave while President Zoran Milanović is urging people to get vaccinated.

Out of over 4,600 people tested, there were 146 positive; on Tuesday a week ago there were 83 new cases in Croatia out of 4,577 people tested. According to the latest data, 121 people are being treated in hospitals, of which 11 are on respirators.

"Vaccination is the only way to stop the epidemic," said epidemiologist Branko Kolarić, and warned that the situation is on the verge of escalation, which means that everything should be done to mitigate the consequences.

“We have to tell our citizens the truth. Another difficult period awaits us. The fourth wave is beginning and we have to do everything to minimalize its effects. Any kind of mass gatherings are a luxury now and I think that they should be halted or banned,” said Kolarić.

Kolarić believes that we currently have more infected people than are being detected and warned that the Croatian coast is now classified as an orange zone, but that can change quickly.

“The European CDC has categorized us in the orange zone, which is a warning that within two or three weeks we could end up in the red zone, if we don't do something,” said Kolarić.

President Zoran Milanović believes that hysteria is pouring into Croatia from other countries and added that fear of the vaccine is one of the most significant downfalls of the human mind. "As we go southeast," said Milanović, “fewer people get vaccinated.” Milanović also believes that all measures should be abolished, but only after the season, so that they don't say we are savages.

“The moment that there is more vaccine than those interested, because from the beginning I understood that this will not go by force, it's over, there are no more restrictions. Let's give that moment a transitional thirty days - when we come to the realization that no one is waiting in line any longer, let’s wait another thirty days, that's a kind of phasing out,” said Milanović.

Meanwhile, at three locations in Zagreb, the city has organized vaccination with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine without an appointment. For this vaccine, one dose is sufficient. At the same locations, but also at the Zagreb Fair, citizens of Zagreb can also get vaccinated with an appointment.

Finally, a survey was conducted in Croatian parliament to see the level of vaccination of employees. The showed that out of 281 employees, 154 were vaccinated, 36 were not vaccinated, and 91 employees did not respond to the survey, which means that just under 55% of employees in Croatian Parliament have been vaccinated.

Source: HRT

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