18:48 / 17.07.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

139 new coronavirus cases in Croatia

The coronavirus situation in Croatia

The coronavirus situation in Croatia

Foto: CroatiaCovid19.info / HRT

In the last 24 hours, there were 139 new cases of coronavirus infection in Croatia, and unfortunately two more people have died. In Dalmatia, the number of infected is increasing - a large number, as in previous days are in Zadar County - today 29, while Split-Dalmatia County had 38 new cases. 

The number of new patients and those being treated in the hospital in Zadar County is not decreasing - 18 people are in the hospital, three of whom are on respirators. As a result, the County Headquarters has extended the ban on holding all concerts with live music and similar outdoor events, where it is not possible to control those present, until the end of July.

“Yes, unfortunately we can see that the number of younger people being treated in the hospital is increasing, and they frequently end up on a respirator, which means that the virus is still dangerous. The situation isn't that alarming, but we hope to warn our citizens to be a little more careful and see this tourist season out to the end. Once again we call on them to get vaccinated in order to protect themselves, members of their households, friends and family,” said the head of the Zadar Civil Protection Headquarters Šime Vicković.

Despite the fact that Split-Dalmatia County had the most new cases of infection today with 38, more than 3,000 visitors have been announced to attend tonight's concert in Sinj by popular singer and musician Marko Perković Thomspon.

“We expect, and we can never know exactly, it might be around four or five thousand people, possibly more. That is the information we have for now. Our members of the civil protection service, together with their staff and police will control absolutely everyone at the entrance and no one will be able to enter without personal ID and naturally a digital Covid certificate or a negative antigen test,” said Sinj Deputy Mayor and the head of the city's Civil Protection Headquarters Denis Babota.

Sinj Mayor Miro Bulj does not see any problem in a large number of people gathering for the concert.

“Last night we opened the days of the Alka and the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, there were more than a thousand people at the opening last night, and as the Mayor I call on all people to come to Sinj. For the next month and a half we will have events every day. As far as Covid is concerned, the national headquarters and the county headquarters are washing their hands of it like Pontius Pilate. Let them adopt a decision by experts, they are a politicized body, the people don't trust them, and let them adopt a decision on whether or not things can open up or must be closed,” said Bulj.

On the other hand, more and more citizens in Croatia are deciding to get vaccinated - this week in three days in Zagreb - without previous appointments - more than 3,000 citizens were vaccinated. Only yesterday, more than 1,100 were vaccinated, and at the Zagreb Fairground today, vaccinations without a previous appointment, were administered until noon with the Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

The epidemiologist on duty at the Zagreb fairground was Lucija Šašević from the Andrija Štampar Institute of Public Health - she pointed out that in just two hours, about 530 citizens were vaccinated.

“Naturally the message is always that everyone should get vaccinated and not fear the vaccine. For all working people, all those that communicate, travel and are in contact with other people in any way, all people that have someone with compromised immunity in the family, or elderly family members, it would be good if they got vaccinated,” said Šašević.

The government has made a decision that people without health insurance and all those who finds themselves in Croatia, can get vaccinated for free of charge.

Source: HRT

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