16:45 / 25.09.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

1,293 new coronavirus cases in Croatia

A vaccination station in Zagreb

A vaccination station in Zagreb

Foto: Slavko Midzor / PIXSELL

There were almost 1,300 new cases of coronavirus infection in Croatia today, more precisely 1,293, and another 14 have people died. There are 661 patients being treated in hospitals, 94 of whom are on respirators. More and more people have been vaccinated, but it is not enough, say epidemiologists. Meanwhile, the Croatian Institute of Public Health has published new instructions for schools.

From the beginning of the school year there are more and more students becoming infected - just yesterday in Zagreb, more than 700 students were in self-isolation. As of today, new rules apply. If a student is positive, the school will send a list of students who sat with the infected student within a radius of 2 meters, traveled together with them for more than 15 minutes, or socialized with them in a closed space. The whole class will go into self-isolation if the disease occurs in one or more of the students who were in contact with the infected student.

According to the latest data, 10 to 19-year-olds are still the most affected. Minister of Health Vili Beroš said on Twitter that the vaccine is the only way to safety, and that the Government is doing everything it can to return to the old normal. "Let's follow the example of Norway and Denmark," said Beroš.

Meanwhile, an increase in vaccination is being observed, but it is not enough.

“It is all still not enough. In order to reach 60%, at the current pace that would happen after the New Year” said the director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health Krunoslav Capak.

From next month, COVID certificates will be mandatory in the hospital system, for patients that have an appointment, as well as for all who enter the hospital circle, which has caused controversy, but also protests.

“Get vaccinated and your life will be more normal. It doesn't bother me if someone is not vaccinated. The chance of me contracting it is like contracting a seasonal flu if I am or am not vaccinated. The only problem is actually people that have a difficult condition and it should be seen what to do. For those that don't want to get vaccinated and they're healthy, it's their problem. I won't persecute them,” said President Zoran Milanović when asked to comment on healthcare workers being left without a salary if they are not vaccinated.

Those healthcare workers that do not have the required certificate will have to get tested for the coronavirus twice a week.

Source: HRT

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