18:39 / 25.07.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

125 new coronavirus cases in Croatia

Croatia hopes to avoid being classified red on the European coronavirus map

Croatia hopes to avoid being classified red on the European coronavirus map

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For a third day in a row there were no deaths in Croatia resulting from coronavirus infection. There were 125 new cases of infection in the last 24 hours and again Split-Dalmatia County had the most.  

There were 12 new cases in Dubrovnik-Neretva County, 16 in Zagreb, 25 in Zadar County and 43 in Split-Dalmatia County. The director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health for Split-Dalmatia County, Doctor Željka Karin is not satisfied with the numbers.

“Those are still high numbers and I think the portion of positives among those tested is around six or seven percent, which is still not good, but in any case it is at least good that the numbers are not jumping drastically,” said Karin.

Karin warned that epidemiological measures are constantly being broken and mentioned ferry passengers and workers in certain stores as examples.

“Somebody that works at a counter and serves people cannot be without a mask. Handing out bread without gloves and a mask is unacceptable. What passengers do on ferries is also unacceptable. We know that we're in a closed space; we know that those who have been vaccinated can carry the virus, we know that it can be transferred by people that are not vaccinated and they can become harshly ill, and they can carry the virus further on,” said Karin.

Until now more than three million doses of vaccine have been administered in Croatia. At the Croatian Institute of Public Health they said that for now they haven't received a single report on suspicion of side-effects resulting in death, in which a cause and effect relation to vaccination has been confirmed.

“I'd like to take the opportunity to recall that through the history of mankind, vaccination has truly saved many human lives, so I appeal to people to come out for vaccination against Covid-19,” said Tatjana Petričević Vidović the shift manager at the vaccination station at the Zagreb Fair.

The Croatian coast has been orange on the ECDC coronavirus map for some time now, and whether or not it will turn red or go back to green will depend on people’s behavior and adhering to recommended epidemiological measures.

Source: HRT

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