17:27 / 12.04.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Novel "His Wife" in world-famous libraries

Marijana Dokoza

Marijana Dokoza

Foto: Marijana Dokoza / HRT

HIS WIFE: A true story about a woman who lives in Germany and who has discovered a terrible truth about her husband.

"His Wife", published by Despot Infinitus, which will have its English edition by the end of 2022, has recently been included among the books of the British Library, that is, the British National Library of the United Kingdom, which is one of the largest libraries in the world containing around 200 million items from many countries. Likewise, East View, (one of the leading providers of information products and services, including journals and books in the original language or translation, collaborates with academic institutions, institutional libraries, etc.) ordered the novel “His Wife” for the U.S. market.

“I have only recently received this news and I am very happy and I hope that "His Wife" will achieve even greater success after receiving its English edition,” said Marijana Dokoza.

"His Wife”, is a new novel by Marijana Dokoza, a Croatian-German writer from Mainz and editor of the Croatian emigrant media Fenix-magazin.de, which has already been presented in Mainz, Stuttgart, Berlin and recently in Rome.

The novel promotions have been very well covered by the media. In Stuttgart, the Croatian national television (HRT) recorded a report on "His Wife" and the author. Organized by the association “Croatian-Italian mosaic” from Rome and under the sponsorship of the Central State Office for Croats Outside the Republic of Croatia, the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Rome, the Croatian Tourist Board in Milan, the Librerie Enoarcano, and the Association "Jedna Musika" and the Foundation of Molise Croats from Molise the promotion of the novel, which took place in an imposing ambience in the Libreria Enoarcano in the heart of Rome, was also well covered by the media

"His Wife" is a story based on true events about a woman living in Germany who has been deceived, mentally and physically abused, and who at one point in her life learns that the father of her two children has been accused of raping an underage girl during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He raped the girl with another man who ended up killing himself many years later due to the burden of guilt. However, before he killed himself he went to the police and confessed everything.

“The story is extremely difficult, real and similar stories have happened during the war, but this story is told the way the rapist's wife experienced it – His wife. Today, that woman lives in Germany. Her husband abused her mentally and physically for years, but she actually broke down only when she found out what he had done in the war and when she read a letter from the girl who was raped by her husband when she was only 13. I met her by accident, during one of her difficult moments. This story of her life, that she told me, developed from that encounter, and leaves no one indifferent, all the more so because in almost every sentence she uttered the horror of what she experienced can be felt,” said the author of the novel, Marijana Dokoza.

Marijana Dokoza

Marijana Dokoza

Foto: Marijana Dokoza / HRT

Much can be heard in the silence of one man

Marijana Dokoza says that she often listens to the people around her and that she likes to notice that a lot can be heard in the silence of one man.

“Through my journalistic work in Croatia and Germany, I have had the opportunity to meet many women, even men who did not find it easy to admit what had happened to them, even in Germany, which is considered a much more open country than Croatia is. Therefore, when their surroundings sensed something, the victims bowed their heads creating the illusion that nothing was happening. In the end, the truth always comes out, because the truth is always stronger than any illusion, deception and lies. Unfortunately, it is often found out when it is already too late. “His Wife” tells the truth that was learned when it was too late for many actors in the story. The sin committed by these men against a 13-year-old girl, marked not only them and that girl, but a large number of people. This sin will be borne by their children and they will carry it as a heavy cross for the rest of their lives. When you commit a sin, it may only be yours, but it will leave a mark on a large number of people, often on the ones closest to you,” said Marijana Dokoza.

Marijana Dokoza

Marijana Dokoza

Foto: Marijana Dokoza / HRT

The burden of another's sin

Readers are often interested in what happened to "His Wife", the woman who revealed her difficult fate to the writer, the fate of a girl whose agony could not end even when her executioners were discovered and punished, and how she felt while reading a book about her own life.

“Every secret that comes out of a man is one burden less that he carries. The main character of my novel will always bear the burden of someone else's sin because she has children with this man, but the fact that she had the opportunity to express her deepest pain and secret without anyone knowing her real name was a great relief for her. To read, not your biography, but the story of your life without any embellishments and illustrations, reading about your feelings in various stages, I believe is not easy for any individual, but it is still a relief of some sort. Imagine having a secret that bothers you, that doesn't give you peace, and you finally say it out loud -what a relief. Every secret, even the smallest one, is a burden that you have to carry through life. She did not completely get rid of that burden, but to tell me about it, to tell thousands of people who will read her story through this novel, is a kind of psychotherapy,” said Marijana Dokoza.

The novel "His Wife" will also receive its English version, which is currently being prepared. It will also be translated into the Italian language.

Marijana Dokoza is the author of two collections of poetry (Sjene prošlosti/Shadows of the Past, Dvorac tajni/Castle of Secrets) and five novels in the Croatian language (Izgubljeni u ljudskim mislima/Lost in Human Thoughts published by Matica hrvatska; Naranyjin plač/Naranya's Cry published by Ljevak; Grijesi/Sins published by Večernji list, Tragovi/Traces published by 24 sata and Njegova žena/His Wife published by Despot infinitus) and one novel in the German language (Die Stimme, Dietrich Verlag).

Naranyjin plač/Naranya's Cry and Grijesi/Sins achieved the status of bestseller, in Croatia, in a short time, and Grijesi/Sins was nominated for the Croatian Kiklop Literary Award in the year of its publication.

Marijana Dokoza is also the winner of The Croatian Women of Influence Award awarded by The Croatian Women’s Network with headquarters in Toronto. In 2016, she was included among 25 successful women, of migrant origin, living in Mainz. Marijana Dokoza also writes songs that are composed in Croatian and English.

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