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Terms of use

Croatian Radio Television (from this point forward: HRT) is the owner of the portal and its subpages:,, (from this point forward: that enables users to access Glas hrvatske content intended for Croats outside the Homeland and the international public as well as HRT content on an open internet webpage through receiving devices (smart phones, computers and tablets) in the territory of the Republic of Croatia . Use of certain content outside the Republic of Croatia has been disabled in accordance with acquired rights exclusively for the territory of the republic of Croatia. These terms of use determine the manners of use for receiving program content from HRT through an open internet network.

In order to use the portal users must ensure a properly working receiving device that is connected to the internet and has the required software, depending on the type and model of device. is possible to use exclusively when a receiving device is connected to the internet, regardless of infrastructure used for connection, which can include mobile or fixed network infrastructure, home installations, wireless connections, access spots (Hot Spots) etc.

The user must be informed and agree that in order to use the service quality access to the internet is required, and depending on the internet connection, is not always accessible under equal conditions and at equal quality.

HRT is not responsible for inaccessibility of services during contracted or planned maintenance or upgrading of the system, inaccessibility of services resulting from a higher force, inaccessibility of services resulting from activities and phenomena that that HRT cannot influence (i.e.  improper use of user devices, loss of electric power at the user’s location, a break in access infrastructure near the end user, loss of mobile network access or inadequate quality of mobile network connection).

By using the portal the user accepts these terms of use and all of its changes and amendments.

HRT ensures use of content within the portal for users in good faith. All users may use content exclusively in accordance with the terms of use.

User use all content on their own responsibility and HRT is not responsible for any costs or possible damages resulting from receiving content.

HRT content is protected by authors and related rights. It is not permitted to change, borrow, sell or distribute content without the written consent of HRT. If a user believes that a violation of authors or related rights has been committed, the user is responsible for informing HRT without delay. If HRT determines that a user is using or distributing content in an unauthorized manner, it has the right to immediately and without warning halt access by the user to said content.

Access and consuming of content through the portal is possible through smart phones and tablets (iOS 5 and newer, Android 4.0 and newer), personal computers (Windows 7 and newer, Mac OS X v. 10.7. and newer, while using standard internet browsers: Chrome, Mozilla, Safari).

HRT is not responsible for interference during receipt of content due to inadequate technical conditions on the part of the user or insufficient speed of internet connection.

HRT reserves the right to change or modify these terms of use without notification. HRT will inform users about every change. By using any content within the portal users are considered to have read and agreed to changes in the terms of use.

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