16:30 / 09.02.2018.

Author: GH

Do Croatians have it too easy?

Foto: pexels.com

Foto: pexels.com

Foto: - / Pexels

Let’s just cut to the chase. I think a majority of Croatians have such an easy care-free life that it breeds a sense of unwarranted dissatisfaction with the society in which they live.

As lots of my fellow citizens dream of a wonderful life abroad, it really makes me think whether they’ve ever actually seen what the rest of the world looks like.

Croatia, by any and all standards (living, education, healthcare, food, safety, nature, clean water, history, culture, entertainment, climate, etc.,) is easily among the top ten to fifteen countries on the entire planet. This is a fact. That means we are already heads and shoulders above the vast majority of the 200-some countries around the world.

This leads me to say that the “problems” underlined by those who are dissatisfied with life in Croatia are focusing on such petty and comical issues that the rest of the world simply laughs at. We have to stop thinking we’re the only country in the world with corruption and a bogged-down bureaucracy. It’s simply false. 

This is not a poor country. It’s misleading to say there’s rampant poverty in Croatia. There are many people who are cash-poor and debt-laden, but these aren’t endemic issues exclusive to Croatia. Yes, I completely agree that pensions and salaries are disproportionally low compared to the cost of living, but according to Eurostat, Croatia is ranked third in Europe with more than 90% of the population owning real estate—and fifth in the entire world.

On the other hand, Canada (the country of my birth) has 67.8% homeownership, according to the federal statistics agency. Canada also has 1 in 7 citizens, or close to 5 million people, living in poverty. And unlike Croatia, the poverty in Canada is visible on every street corner in every major city in the country (I won’t even mention the state of the aboriginal community). 

Of course, there are issues here in Croatia. No place is perfect. I think it’s high time for Croatians to be thankful for the amazing things they have and work towards improving the situation at home.

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