Second runner up Nina Vidović from Germany. (Photo: Davor Đikić/Studio Relive) Second runner up Nina Vidović from Germany. (Photo: Davor Đikić/Studio Relive)

Andrea Radman from Sweden is the most beautiful Croatian woman in a folk costume outside the Republic of Croatia. At the fourth pageant for the Most Beautiful Croatian in National Folk Costume Who Lives Abroad, held in Tomsilavgrad, organized by the “Stećak” association for preservation and promotion of traditional culture and the Croatian Heritage Foundation, the prize first runner up went to Tanja Marić Langlois from Australia while the second runner up was Nina Vidović from Germany.

Taking part in the pageant were 27 girls from 21 countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Chile, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Montenegro, New Zealand, Paraguay, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania and the USA.

The three most beautiful Croatians in national folk costume. (Photo: Davor Đikić/ Studio Relive)

The meeting and connecting of Croats from around the world was organized with an aim to promote mutual cultural traditions, meet and provide assistance for Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina and strengthen and preserve national cultural identity.

The winner from Sweden in a folk costume from Letovanić

Father Zvonko Marić, one of those most responsible for the initiation of the project, noted that associating between Croatian girls from all over the world was the best part of the pageant in Tomislavgrad.

“For some girls who speak the Croatian language poorly, this pageant was a great stimulus to learn it better.” The winner of the pageant, eighteen year old Andrea, wore a folk costume from the Letovanić area, which she believes gave her the win.

“We socialized all evening and it we had a great time, all the girls became my friends and that is the best thing I could have got from this pageant”, said the satisfied winner.

“I am happy to have finally seen Bosnia, where my grandfather was born. We learned a lot about the Croatian past and I shared the beautiful experience with girls from the whole world”, said the second runner up Nina Vidović.

Besides a few new Croatian words, fond memories and new friendships, the girls took home an unusual present from Tomislavgrad. Photographs were printed onto a canvas in which each girl is proudly wearing the folk costume from the region of descent.

Krk, Split and Turopolje folk costumes, Croatian folk costumes from Vojvodina, Hungary and Romania are just a part of the wide spectre of folk costumes in which the girls took part in the pageant. Thus, as Martić concluded, it was not only shown how we preserve our cultural heritage, but also how differing, beautiful and rich it is.

Druga pratilja Nina VIdović iz Njemačke

Beauties of Croatian descent in the folk costumes of their grandmothers

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