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We provide the latest news from Croatia and Croatian communities around the world, in Spanish, German, English and Croatian. Our site provides you with everything you need to know about Croatia right in the palm of your hand. Our radio programs are broadcast 24 hours a day in several different languages; while our music is strictly Croatian. We constantly produce new television, video and web content. We also communicate to the world in four languages via our various social media accounts. This is a place where people can meet and exchange experiences about life outside Croatia with those who live and work in the country.

The Voice of Croatia has a long tradition of connecting Croatians around the world and keeping international audiences informed about what’s going on in Croatia. Aside from the programs available on Croatian Radio, our voices can be heard on several informative programs which we produce for our listeners in Argentina and Chile. Some of our faces can be seen on Croatian Television, while the rest of us can be found throughout our website.

We are a unique program not only for HRT, but for the whole country. Our workplace is a fast-paced multimedia environment surrounded by multiculturalism and daily communication in several languages. We come from all corners of the earth, but are united by all things Croatian. We follow the latest trends, push boundaries and continue to set new standards. We inform, educate and promote.

The Voice of Croatia: We bring Croatia to the world and the world to Croatia. Follow us.

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