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The latest news from Croatia about Croatia in the English, German and Spanish languages. About Croatia and their communities in the world also in the Croatian language. Our web pages offer Croatia in your palm … we broadcast our radio and television program 24 hours a day. Various languages can be heard on our station, but only domestic music. We produce more and more television, video and web content. Over social networks we communicate in four languages. We are a place to meet and exchange experiences for Croats living outside the Homeland and those that have returned.

The Voice of Croatia and HTV5 connect Croatia in the Homeland with those that have emigrated and inform the international public and Croats living outside the Homeland.

We are a unique office at HRT and in Croatia. In our workplace we are surrounded by multimedia and multi-language communication, we are moving borders and setting standards. We inform, educate and promote.

The Voice of Croatia reaches the world. Follow the Voice of Croatia.

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