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  • PeopleOct. 15, 2017

    Kristian Kreković, an artist of the world and Croatia

    An artist with two homelands, a cosmopolitan and philanthropist, he dedicated his life, as he himself says in one note, to the Indians of South America, the Incas and all cultures of South American Indians, from the stone age up until today.

  • PlacesOct. 14, 2017

    Cooking with Love

    Prince Adewale Soniyiki is a Nigerian refugee in his early thirties who was granted asylum in Croatia almost 6 years ago and since then has been going from strength to strength. His latest venture is called African Cuisine & Bar, a small venue located on Zagreb's central Gundulićeva street, which he runs with his Nigerian friend Ridwan and which opened just over a month ago.

  • ExploreOct. 14, 2017

    Hvar goods from the hands of farm workers

    Fields, olives, grapevines, lavender – numerous other goods could also be listed that nature provides and man plants, cultivates and harvests.

  • ExploreOct. 10, 2017

    The Secret path to citizenship

    When Sofija Marić Langlois gave birth to her daughter in Brisbane in 1991, she gave her the name Tajna (Secret) Croatia. At the time she didn’t even suspect that she, one of four children born on the Australian continent, would want to live in Croatia 25 years later.

  • PeopleOct. 7, 2017

    Young director begins work on film about an virtually forgotten WWII humanitarian hero

    Dana Budisavljević, a film-maker from Zagreb, is just now beginning the primary shooting for a film about a woman with the same surname, Diana Budisavljević, who conducted one of the most extensive but also largely unknown humanitarian campaigns during World War II

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