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  • TraditionsDec. 16, 2017

    Baranja prelo – a tradition lives on

    Prela once were a social custom of gathering during cold winter nights. Nowadays, prela are seen as means for reviving and transposing old traditions and customs with the youngest of generations.

  • PeopleDec. 10, 2017

    "Pogledaj Me"

    This is the first time ever that a Roma actor and actress have received such a prestigious Croatian award.

  • PeopleDec. 2, 2017

    A team of researchers from Zagreb makes major contribution to astrophysics

    An international team of astrophysicists working at Zagreb University’s Faculty of Science has conducted extensive research into a patch of the sky called the Cosmos Field using data from a radio-telescope array in the United States. The results of this work have provided invaluable contributions to numerous fields of study within astrophysics.

  • PeopleNov. 25, 2017

    Soldiers collect funds for charitable donation

    Members of the Croatian Army’s Armored-Mechanized Guard Brigade gathered HRK 28,000 and donated the money to the Zvjezdice Association of Disabled Persons in the village of Gunja. The story again confirms the big hearts of Croatian soldiers.

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