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  • PoliticsDec. 15, 2017

    Meeting between Plenković and Cerar in Brussels agreed upon

    Prime Minister Andrej Plenković has confirmed that during the two day summit in Brussels he will speak with his Slovenian colleague Miro Cerar. For his part, Cerar said that he expects a serious talk regarding the border issue. “Our colleagues were in contact and we will have an opportunity to talk during these two days,” said Plenković.

  • PoliticsDec. 14, 2017

    Parliament committee backs choice of fighter jet

    The parliamentary committee for defense today backed the choice of the Defense Ministry's expert commission on the best offer submitted in the tender for the purchase of multi-purpose fighter aircraft to replace Croatia's ageing MiGs.

  • EconomyDec. 14, 2017

    Major Agrokor suppliers formalize group

    Some of Agrokor's larger suppliers formed their own association today. The group includes 15 major companies, including Kraš, Mlinar, Atlantic Group, Franck, Podravka, and Badel 1862, to name a few. They are expected to be joined by smaller suppliers and creditors in the near future.

  • EconomyDec. 14, 2017

    Parliamentary defence committee session discusses fighter jet purchase

    Defence Minister Damir Krstičević confirmed today that the Ministry of Defence's expert commission had reached its decision on which offer in the tender for the purchase of multi-purpose fighter aircraft to replace Croatia's ageing MIGs was the best and now the process of adopting that decision on a state level would begin.


  • American in CroatiaDec. 8, 2017

    Order In the Head

    Our waiter brought three plates of food for the four of us. My wife, my daughter, and my mother-in-law all received what they had ordered. I didn’t. But, I assumed that maybe my order was taking longer to make. So, I waited… and waited… and waited.

  • American in CroatiaDec. 1, 2017

    The Fantastic Toplana

    Every time I visit Split in winter, it’s a chilly experience. When I shower, there is a limited amount of hot water, in an unheated bathroom, so I dry off as fast as possible and run to the hallway where my clothes have been placed on the "peć", which is a giant electric heater, box like thing.

  • American in CroatiaNov. 24, 2017

    Black Friday Cometh

    So there I was standing in the lobby of our building, waiting for the elevator, while my wife held up an advertising flyer from some store. Oh no, I thought. No. NOOOOOOO! The flyer was taunting me, burning its add into the irises of my eye.

  • American in CroatiaNov. 17, 2017

    Does Croatia Need Batman?

    When I was young and couldn’t sleep I would lay in bed and imagine what it was like to be Batman. I would envision myself running along the rooftops of Tulsa’s downtown, swinging from between our three skyscrapers, and of course stopping crime.

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